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The Zion United Church is blessed to have the musical support of multiple talented musicians and groups.


The Zion United Church Sanctuary choir is as old as is Methodism itself in Moose Jaw. As the first group of settlers gathered near the Moose Jaw Creek, there were a large number of Methodists. The choir first known as “The Methodist Church” was singing as a group in 1883. As the city grew so did the need for a church for the Methodists. The first church was built in 1900 at the corner of 1st Ave. N.E. and High Street E. The choir here gathered in numbers and strength and when the congregation outgrew the building the “new” Zion Methodist Church was constructed on Main Street in 1907.

1907 saw a great growth in the Zion Sanctuary Methodist Choir. Over the years many fine Organists and choir directors were to increase the choir to over 50 in number in the 1930’s with a Professor Nidd as organist and choir master. In the early years the choir loft was full. As a member left or passed away a spot came open in the choir for a new member. The new member was required to sit on a plank on either side of the sanctuary (depending if they were Soprano or Bass) and they only graduated to a seat in the choir pews when another member left or passed away.

Zion Sanctuary choir became well known in Moose Jaw musical circles as a skilled choir and they won a number of Music Festival awards. In 1925 the United Church was formed and Zion joined Union and became “Zion United Church”. Therefore the Sanctuary choir became The Zion United Church Sanctuary choir and it remains this name today.

The choir has now been singing for 115 years! Our numbers over the years have grown and then diminished and and grown again. Presently we have around 20 dedicated and exuberant choir members who cheerfully attend choir practice every Wednesday at 7 pm and Sunday morning service at 10:30am to give song to prayer. We sing sacred anthems and lead the congregation in the hymns. We sing a vast variety of anthems from Traditional to Full Gospel and everything in between.

Each year we add brand newly composed anthems to our repertoire. The anthems we have start in the historical file with 200 anthems from 1887 up until the 1940’s. Our current anthem file has over 400 anthems so we have a varied selection to access for every Sunday of the year as well as special church observations.

Come and join our close knit group if you enjoy singing for fun and fellowship!

Sanctuary Choir at the Zion United Church.

Organist and Music Director - Bruce Learmonth

Bruce Learmonth - organist and music director
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